DailyWireless began in 2002 and was co-founded by Dean Scott and Park Wei. Ever since our first post on March 24, 2002, our mission at DailyWireless has never changed– to provide you with the most honest and accurate reviews of phone plans, internet providers and TV services.

Now rocking with the best team in the world for almost 2 decades now, DailyWireless is determined to push more quality-filled content for you.

Why You Should Trust Us…

We take great pride in the quality of our content. And you can count that our product reviews are independent and are based on research and actual product testing.

On top of being original, accurate, and engaging, all of our contents are free of ethical concerns or conflicts. This is why we have over 12 million page views on all of our feature-length posts (and counting!).

How Do We Make Money?

We are able to deliver quality and unbiased product reviews to you for this long now because of the commissions we receive from your purchases. Not only that this helps cover the website expenses but we also like to keep the site ad-free. And don’t worry, purchasing from these links have NO ADDITIONAL COST to you.

If you wish to fully understand this section, we’ve prepared a very detailed How We Make Money page dedicated to answering all your concerns related to this subject.

Meet the Team

DailyWireless is composed of amazing individuals dedicated to what they’re doing. Being in the industry for almost 2 decades now, they’re more determined to keep up with your demands.

Without further ado, meet the amazing people who’ve helped millions upon millions of fast-growing consumers in the Wireless industry.

luke pensworth in 2019

Luke Pensworth


Luke is the founder and the editor-in-chief of DailyWireless. As far as he could remember, he’s always been a wireless enthusiast/consumer. He detests many reviews he found online as he keeps on ending up investing in services and products he isn’t satisfied at all.

Wanting to put an end to all these so-called best roundups just for the money, he decided to step up by making his own website where he tests every single product before ever featuring them (and only if they really are worth mentioning). Disgruntled as he may be, he tries to keep his articles as honest as possible.

Dean Scott

Co-founder/Managing Editor

Dean and Luke were already wireless enthusiasts years before they decided to build Dailywireless. Since the release of the first commercially available mobile phone DynaTAC 8000X in 1984, Dean knew there would be a significant increase in demand in the telecommunications industry.

Knowing this, he co-founded DailyWireless together with Park Wei to produce in-depth contents covering the ins and outs of this sector.

If Dean isn’t at work, he’s busy reading books about quantum physics and time travel.

Park Wei

Co-Founder/Community Manager

Before social media became a thing, Park was rocking the traditional radio, newspaper, and direct-mail marketing strategy to help businesses get their name out in the streets. Because of his success in this field, he was hired as the community manager for DailyWireless.

With social media marketing becoming stronger than ever, Park is either communicating to customers or monitoring feedback and online reviews for DailyWireless.

Helen Smith

Helen Smith

Telecommunications Enthusiasts/Writer

Helen is the true telecommunications enthusiasts. And she’s been providing unique insights and personal recommendations to people with varying wireless and internet needs. Because of the fact that Helen has basically tried all the ISPs in the U.S., her writings on DailyWireless are found to be on-point and effective by millions of readers.

Aside from writing, Helen also has a passion for cooking, which is what inspired her to finally start a YouTube channel where she teaches cooking during her past times.

William Hadley


William has always been fascinated by how wireless technology works since he was a child. But at the same time, he also has a burning passion for writing. This is why even though William is a Telecommunications Researcher by profession, he’s also a writer by nature.

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