DIRECTV Review in 2020

DIRECTV offers an excellent channel selection at solid starting prices, especially for sports fans.



Cord cutting has been in the spotlight for a while now — that is, cancelling your pay-for-TV cable service in favor of streaming. But for some cord cutters, rather than go to video streaming providers,  like Sling, Amazon Prime Video, fuboTV, and even DIRECTV NOW, the term means a different thing: switching from cable to a satellite TV subscription — like DIRECTV.

Instead of relying on wires to deliver your TV, satellites orbiting the earth send signals to a receiving dish on your roof. DIRECTV technicians provide and mount the satellite dish on your home, then setup in-house wiring to and from it. This allows you to receive signals from the satellite and watch TV.

So if you’re looking to do some cord-cutting yourself, or you’re tired of always having to choose a show to watch with your streaming service (rather than being able to stumble across Armageddon at 2am while flipping channels), than DIRECTV might be the service you’re looking for.

We dug through everything we could find, from their packages and pricing, to bundling options, channel lineup, features, and more to help you figure that out.

DirecTV Packages + Pricing

Plans Number of channels Price* View plans
DIRECTV SELECT 155+ $59.99/mo. View plans
DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT 160+ $64.99/mo. View plans
DIRECTV CHOICE 185+ $69.99/mo. View plans
DIRECTV XTRA 235+ $79.99/mo. View plans
DIRECTV ULTIMATE 250+ $84.99/mo. View plans
DIRECTV PREMIER 330+ $134.99/mo. View plans

*Price are based off the 1st year of a 2-year contract. Increases in months 13-24.

DIRECTV starts out give you some pretty great prices: anywhere from the cost of a nice meal for two ($59.99) to some groceries ($134.99). At about $0.38-$0.40 per channel, you’re paying for a great selection. 

If you wanted a comparable number of channels, you’d have to pay at least $10/month more with DISH Network – so DIRECTV’s looking pretty good. 

Something to watch for is when you pass the 12-month mark in your DIRECTV contract (yes, contract — we’ll talk about it later). That’s because after the 1-year mark, the rates of all your packages are increased.

While this does make DIRECTV’s monthly prices a bit higher than DISH’s, DISH doesn’t have the same sports and premiums selection DIRECTV does – that can completely negate the price difference in favor of DIRECTV. 

DIRECTV rate hikes

Plans Months 0-12 Months 13-24 View plans
DIRECTV SELECT $59.99/mo. $81/mo. View plans
DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT $64.99/mo. $93/mo. View plans
DIRECTV CHOICE $69.99/mo. $110/mo. View plans
DIRECTV XTRA $79.99/mo. $124/mo. View plans
DIRECTV ULTIMATE $84.99/mo. $135/mo. View plans
DIRECTV PREMIER $134.99/mo. $181/mo. View plans

If that price hike looks to high though, check out DIRECTV NOW for similar options.

DIRECTV bundles

Popular bundles

Plans Channels Internet Price View plans
DIRECTV SELECT + AT&T Internet 155+ AT&T Internet 10-100Mbps $75/mo. View bundles
DIRECTV CHOICE + AT&T Internet 185+ AT&T internet 10-100Mbps $85/mo. View bundles
DIRECTV SELECT + Internet + Phone 155+ AT&T internet 10-100Mbps, Phone unlimited $94.99/mo. View bundles
DIRECTV XTRA + CENTURYLINK internet 235+ CenturyLink Internet 20Mbps $100/mo. View bundles
DIRECTV ULTIMATE + CENTURYLINK Internet 250+ CenturyLink Internet 20Mbps $105/mo. View bundles
DIRECTV PREMIER + CENTURYLINK internet 330+ CenturyLink Internet 20Mbps $155/mo. View bundles

*Prices and bundles accurate as of 4/26/19. Subject to change.

A nice thing about DIRECTV is that you can bundle your TV package with an AT&T or CenturyLink internet connection package. While the price for your DIRECTV package doesn’t change, you get a discount on your internet service ($10 with AT&T; $5 with CenturyLink). 

We suggest AT&T – it’s one of the best internet service providers available. 

While we showed a few popular bundles in the table above, you can also build your own, mixing and matching DIRECTV with internet, wireless, and home phone options. 

You can also grab a great promo: a $150 Amazon gift card when you activate your new DIRECTV service. 

Contract options

We mentioned it early, and here we are: the 2-year contract. DIRECTV requires one. After the first 12 months, your monthly rate increases. And if you want to cancel before the full 24 months are up, you’ll face an early termination fee.

That includes a one-time $15 deactivation fee, and a prorated fee of $20 for every month remaining on your contract – but with DIRECTV’ amazing service, I really don’t expect you’ll need to even think about canceling your contract.

DIRECTV channel lineup

DIRECTV channels

Plans Channels View plans
SELECT A&E HD, AMC HD, Animal Planet HD, AUDIENCE HD, AXS TV HD, BabyFirst TV, BBC America HD, BET HD, Bloomberg TV HD, Bravo HD, BYUtv, Cartoon Network East HD, Cartoon Network West, Christian Television Network, Church Channel, CMT HD, CNBC HD, CNN HD, Comedy Central HD, Contemporary Christian, CSAN, CSPAN 2, Daystar, DIS XD, Discovery HD, Disney Channel East HD, Disney Channel West, Disney Junior HD, E! HD, Enlace, EVINE, EWTN, FETV, Food Network HD, Fox Business Network HD, Fox News Channel HD, Free Speech TV, Freeform, FX HD, FXX HD, Galavision HD, GEB America, GEMS, GOD TV, Hallmark Channel HD, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries HD, HGTV HD, History HD, HITN, HLN HD, Hope Channel, HSN, INC TV, INSP, Investigation Discovery HD, ION Television East HD, ION Television West, Jewelry Television, Jewish Life Television, Lifetime HD, Link TV, MAVTV, MHZW, MSNBC HD, MTV HD, MTV2 HD, NASA TV, National Geographic Channel HD< NEWSMX, Nickelodeon HD East, Nickelodeon West, NRB, OAN HD, Ovation HD, Paramount Network HD, Pursuit, QVC HD, QVC Plus, ReelzeChannel HD, RFD TV, SBN, SYFY HD, TBS HD, TCM HD, TCT Network, TeenNick, The Word Network, TLC HD, TNT HD, Trinity Broadcasting Network, truTV HD, TV Land HD, Univision Este HD, Uplift, USA HD, Velocity HD, VH1 HD, VICELAND HD, WE tv HD, World Harvest Television View plans
ENTERTAINMENT All of SELECT’s channels, plus: CANAL ONCE, ESPN HD, ESPN2 HD, FOX Sports 1 HD, NBC Sports Network HD, Vme View plans
CHOICE All of SELECT and ENTERTAINMENT’s channels, plus: AWE HD, BTN HD, CCTV News, CNBC World, COMTVH, Cooking Channel HD, ESPNEWS HD, ESPNU HD, Fuse, Fusion HD, GSN, IFC HD, JC HD, MLB Network HD, NFL Network HD, Nick Jr. HD, Nicktoons, OWN HD, POP, Science HD, SEC Network HD, Sundance TV HD, Tennis Channel HD, The Weather Channel HD, Travel Channel HD, TV One, UniMas, UP, WGN America HD View plans
XTRA All of SELECT, ENTERTAINMENT, and CHOICE’s channels, plus: American Heroes Channel, ASPiRE HD, BBC World news HD, BET Her, CBS Sports Network HD, Destination America HD, Discovery Family Channel, Discovery Life, DIY Networkj HD, FM, Fox Sports 2 HD, FYI Hd, Golf Channel HD, Great American Country, LMN HD, Logo, MTV Classic, Nat Geo WILD HD, NBA TV HD, NBC Universo, NHL Network HD, OLYCHD, Oxygen, Revolt HD, Sportsman Channel, Universal Kids HD View plans
ULTIMATE All of SELECT, ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE, and XTRA’s channels, plus: Boomerang, CWBY, El Rey HD, ENCORE (Suspense, Action HD, Black, Classic, East HD, Family, West, Westerns), Nature Sounds, Sounds of the Seasons, Taste of Italy, THE MOVIE CHANNEL EAST HD, THE MOVIE CHANNEL WEST, Univision Deportes Network View plans
PREMIER All of SELECT, ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE, XTRA, and ULTIMATE’s channels, plus: Eleven Sports Network, ESPN Buzzer Beater HD, ESPN Classic, Flix, Brazilian Pop, Classical Masterpieces, Italian Favorites, Outdoor Channel, THE MOVIE CHANNEL XTRA EAST HD View plans

DIRECTV really shines when it comes to channel selection -- they deliver when it comes to choices.

One place DIRECTV really shines is their channel selection — they deliver when it comes to choices. The top plan gives you more than 330 channels to choose from, including a wide range of sports, premium, and local networks.

And even within DIRECTV’s smallest package you’ll still find most of your favorite channels.

DIRECTV premiums

If you love premium channels, like HBO and STARZ, you can grab the PREMIER package and get those and 2 more by default:

  • 10 HBO channels
  • 7 STARZ channels
  • 8 CINEMAX channels

But if you don’t want to go all the way with PREMIER, you’ll get access to the premium channels for the first 3 months. After that, if you still want them you can pay $53.99/mo. to add them on.

DIRECTV sports

If you’re a major sports fan, you’ll be best suited going with DIRECTV. DIRECTV offers the most complete sports packages of all TV providers, hands-down. That means NFL SUNDAY TICKET, which you currently get included free starting with the CHOICE package and higher.

Aside from NFL SUNDAY TICKET, you also get a variety of channels included for free or as add-ons:

  • MLB EXTRA INNINGS: Mix Channel, MLB Network, MLB Network Strike Zone
  • DIRECTV SPORTS PACK: Universal Sports Network, ESPN Classic, beIN SPORT, Univision, Deportes, MLB Network

You can check those out further by visiting our view plans links, starting at $35 per month.

DIRECTV and DIRECTV NOW are the only TV providers that have NFL SUNDAY TICKET.

DIRECTV locals

DIRECTV local channels

Network Number of channels
ABC 236
CBS 245
FOX 242
NBC 232
PBS 353

DIRECTV offers many local channels. But, although DIRECTV has affiliate channels with these networks, availability varies. You may get access to some PBS programming on one of your local channels, but because PBS doesn’t own that channel, you may not get all programming.

You can use DIRECTV website to check out local channel availability.

Equipment and features


The great thing about DIRECTV’S Genie DVR is that it’s free — no extra cost for the initial receiver. As you start picking up minis, though (to be able to watch the same or different shows in multiple rooms), you’ll start paying up front and monthly equipment fees: $7/month for each additional receiver and $49 upfront for the 5th and 6th receivers.

But you do get 200 hours of HD storage, or 800 of SD. The Genie also lets you record up to 5 shows at once – and that first receiver is free with your monthly rate. 

DIRECTV restart

The Restart feature allows you to you — you guessed it — restart any live show you want if you tune into it late. There’s no additional charge for this, but it is limited to only certain channels.

That said, this is a feature very few TV providers offer – so having it at all is a great benefit. 

DIRECTV rewind

The 72-hr Rewind feature gives you the chance to rewatch any program that aired within the last 3 days (72 hours) on more than 60 networks. You just need the HD or Genie DVR.

HD + 4K channels

More than 200 of DIRECTV’s channels are offered in HD — the specific number varies by package. There are also many 4K movies and shows available on demand, giving 4K TV owners the best picture quality that’s currently available.

And DIRECTV is one of the few TV providers to offer a dedicated 4K channel – not just on-demand. Xfinity and DISH only offer 4K for on-demand currently.

iPhone remote

If you own an iPhone, you can turn it into a DIRECTV remote. Grab some Genie Minis and presto — you can watch as many as 4 different shows in 4 different rooms at once, too.


The DIRECTV app is one of the best available for streaming content on your mobile devices, earning 4.7 out of 5 stars on iTunes. You can watch live TV, DVR-recorded shows, and on demand titles. You can also schedule a recording using the app.

DIRECTV in competition


The battle between DIRECTV and DISH comes down to price. DIRECTV starts out better, but jacks the price up after the first year; DISH starts out higher, but remains there, with a 2-year price guarantee. They have comparable features, with DIRECTV coming out on top with sports programming in particular due to carrying NFL SUNDAY TICKET.

But, DISH has the Hopper 3, which is just best of the best.

DIRECTV vs. Xfinity

Xfinity is a little less expensive on the lower end of packages ($24.99 for Xfinity vs. $35 for DIRECTV), and Xfinity offers both 1 and 2 year contracts, as well as month-to-month plans. You do have to pay for installation, though, whereas with DIRECTV you don’t. Plus, Xfinity is a cable provider, and it doesn’t offer 4K programming.

But even with that lower price tag, Xfinity doesn’t take the win compared to DIRECTV. DIRECTV has more channels for the price, better sports options, better customer service, and fewer extra fees, too. Plus, DIRECTV is a little more widely available.

DIRECTV vs. Fios

Fios was ranked #1 by the ACSI in customer satisfaction, and Fios gives you excellent, crisp picture quality and reliable service. They also offer a custom TV plan that gives you more control over your channel selection, rather than one-size-fits-all packages. The biggest problem with Fios, though? They’re only available in 13 states in the northeast.

DIRECTV, in contrast, is available in 48 states and offers a variety of packages – one of them is sure to fit what you’re looking for.

Customer service

DIRECTV was rated #3 in customer satisfaction by the ACSI in 2018, coming in just behind Fios and U-verse. But that said, because Fios and U-verse rely on fiber to provide service, DIRECTV ranks higher than all cable TV providers.

Plus, DIRECTV took the highest J.D. Power ranking for customer satisfaction in 2018.

Recap -- is DIRECTV any good?

Offering a wide range of plans (6 total), DIRECTV’s initial pricing is great and they’re also the only provider to offer NFL SUNDAY TICKET, along with providing 4 premium channels for free for the first 3 months — including HBO, which DISH can’t say the same for

While some tech may not top-of-the-line (looking at you, Genie), it’s still very good for most people and DIRECTV offers a lot of other good features, like Restart, Rewind, a great app, and being able to turn your iPhone into a remote.

The AT&T DIRECTV bundles are pretty good, too. 

Despite DIRECTV’s mid-contract price hike, the bottom line is that they remain a solid, competitive satellite service provider. 

Best for: Sports and Movie fans

Written by: Luke Pensworth

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