How we make money

Daily Wireless has been covering mobile, internet and other telecommunication news since 2002. A lot has changed with our website over the last 18 years including how this site is financed. We want to be open and disclose how this website is funded – we think this is particularly important for websites that recommend products and have advertiser relationships with some of those products.

To fund this site we sometimes add links to some products and services featured in our reviews, guides and other content. Sometimes we’ll receive a referral fee if you go on to purchase a product via one of these links. This is known as affiliate marketing and allows us to generate revenue from the site without any extra cost to our readers.

As an informational site it’s important to us that you can rely on the information you consume here. To maintain our editorial standards we work to the following guidelines:

  • We only recommend products and services our team would consider using ourselves.
  • Our writers work separately to our advertising manager to help avoid conflicts of interest.
  • We don’t just link to products we have a commercial relationship with.
  • We’ll do our best to link to the lowest cost version of a product or services. That said, we recognize that in the world of mobile and internet prices change fast so if you see an error please let us know and we’ll endeavor to fix it.