What Happened to Euclid Analytics?

Technology has revolutionized our way of living. Not only that it has made our daily lives easier than ever, but it has also helped businesses provide stellar customer care and service. Paired with the World Wide Web and we’re bound to see a digitalized world that’s full of automation.

Technological advancements let us do more with our mobile phones, too. Before, mobile phones were made only to communicate with people. But today, mobile phones are used for various purposes and is even used as a controller, calculator, calendar, alarm, and the list just goes on and on. Not to mention that this can also be used to browse the internet, which makes it all the more advanced and convenient.

But it has to be noted that in order for you to reap quality browsing experience, you should be connected to a really fast and stable connection. You can invest in one of the best satellite internet providers or one of the most reliable in your area.

Using these kinds of technology allows business owners to understand their target customers more, allowing them to come up with a targetted plan so they can provide outstanding service and above-satisfactory care to customers.

A good example that helped businesses in terms of quality service is Euclid Analytics. But exactly what is it and how does it revolutionize small businesses back then? Let’s cover that in detail in this article and point out alternatives you can use if you find this type of tool quintessential for your business.

How Mobile Is Changing Small Businesses Now?

Going mobile is essential in every type of business today. Regardless if you’re just starting or you’ve already built a business empire, utilizing the “mobile-first” strategy can put your business ahead of the competition.

If you’re not aware, “mobile-first” means designing your business website for small screens like mobile phones and work your way up to desktop screens.

In the past, only big companies have the capacity to do large scale marketing strategies to reach targeted audiences. But with mobile devices in the game now, small businesses can now compete against the big guys on the same footing. It’s just a matter of using the right tools and the right design.

With Euclid Analytics, small businesses can take advantage of the data and use it to compete against their competitors.

What is Euclid Analytics?

Euclid Analytics is a US-based spatial analytics platform that is backed by solid companies such as the media group Cox Enterprises and Novel Group, a telecommunications firm that was acquired by co-working space provider WeWork.

Euclid Analytics is a spatial analytics platform that utilizes WiFi signals to understand how people behave in a specific area. By using technology to gather data, they help stores and retailers learn more about their customer’s patterns and behavior when shopping.

What makes it really great is the fact that data ranges greatly from the number of people that enters their stores, how they behave when shopping, and even which isle they’re walking through.

However, because customers aren’t aware that their presence is being tracked, plenty of concerned shoppers are questioning the entire process of collecting information and which information is being gathered.

But amidst the issues, Euclid Analytics continues to help business owners and retailers. But exactly what happened to Euclid Analytics? We’ll talk about that in the next section.

What Happened to Euclid Analytics?

Euclid Analytics was among the most popular spatial analytics platform that uses WiFi signals to understand how people behave in a specific area. Their way of tracking customer behavior was revolutionary and is proven to be effective after tracking over 100 million devices in over 10,000 business locations.

Even though their previous website was down due to the probable reason that they were recently acquired by The We Company on February 7, 2019, it’s still undeniably obvious that businesses would want to invest in a company that offers a similar service.

The Potential of Euclid Analytics

The way Euclid Analytics gathers data from customers is by tracking WiFi signals that mobile phones leave behind. These tracks are then analyzed to help businesses grow by providing them accurate results they can use to provide high-quality customer service.

It has to be noted though that the store has to have their own WiFi router for them to trace these tracks. If you’re still looking for a credible ISP you can invest in, make sure you check this link to find the best ISP for your business needs.

But exactly how can Euclid Analytics help your business?

Less Risk, Higher Execution Returns

Unlike trial and error strategy, Euclid Analytics will provide you with real and accurate numbers. This means you’ll be able to see which strategy will work best with which group of audiences.

And instead of having to rely on theory, you’ll spend more time reaping returns and less time taking risks.

Predicts the Outcome

Since you have real, accurate data, there will be less guesswork and more time looking at other things that matter. This data even lets you see hard to detect things that aren’t working as efficiently for the benefit of the business.

Maximizes the Conversion Rate

Poorly targeted ads and executions are a product of mishaps and miscalculations. But using accurate numbers from customer data into your formula lets you achieve real results.

With numbers based on real customer data, chances are high that you’ll be able to maximize your potential conversion rate.

Alternatives to Euclid Analytics

Tons of people and businesses want to invest in tools like Euclid Analytics. And since there are so many out there you can choose from, it’s unlikely to find plenty of these on your first 30 minutes of searching.

To make it easier for you, here are our top Euclid Analytics alternatives you will love:

Act-On is very similar to Euclid Analytics. It’s also considered the foundation for a successful marketing department.

Clearbit does most of your work for you. They know how to value better data-smarter scoring, more revenue won, and better routing. On top of that, they also do all the updates needed on your sales records automatically with accurate numbers.

SharpSpring is everything a small business needs in a sales or marketing platform. It’s easy to use and rich in feature. Not to mention that tracking is so easy through their Smart Mail.

You get everything you’ll find in Euclid Analytics here. It’s also easy to understand and has plenty of features you can also use and see. To name a few, you’ll be able to find multiple visits, which products were looked at, which images were downloaded, and how many people clicked a link in a direct campaign.

If you want a full-range world-class marketing service, ClickDimension is for you. It’s exclusively for and is natively built within Dynamics CRM. Combined with multi-channel marketing automation technology, a marketing dashboard with a deeper insight into the marketing results and you’re well on your way to succeed.


Technology has made our lives easier. But it has to be noted that the use of the right technology is also as essential when using it for business purposes.

This is why tools like Euclid Analytics is the best example you should consider when looking to improve your style and win against your competitors.


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